About - Stacey Hawkins
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Stacey Hawkins “The Motivational Chef” is an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Television Personality who admits that success takes work. After losing 100 pounds by eating amazing food, everyone wanted to know how she did it while being a single mom and full time professional. She created a product line and easy-to-follow system that allows anyone to love good food and benefit from it. From hosting taste-testing parties in her kitchen to now taking her product line around the globe, Stacey is driven to help others “Make a Better Meal, Live a Better Life.” Using her real, everyday, and approachable strategies for staying connected to personal health, happiness, and what matters most, her inbox remains full of testimonies from those who have used her tactics and succeeded.


In addition to her product line, Stacey has published five cookbooks, and her how-to memoir Too Big for My Britches: How I Let Go of Body Shame and Became Proud of Simply Being Me (and How You Can Too) was released in the Spring of 2016. She doesn’t hold back when using her own life experiences to share the realities and challenges of stress, family commitments, guilt, shame, and the desire for a balanced life. Stacey delivers not only the message of hope of attaining health and happiness, but she provides practical, everyday methods to turn wishes into reality.Too Big For My Britches


Stacey has been featured on various television channels, in newspapers, magazines, blog posts, radio shows and podcasts throughout the U.S.. She has worked with some of today’s leading companies including Weight Watchers, Medifast and Take Shape for Life.


Stacey is the President of Hawkins Omnimedia, Inc. (her online edutainment/retail firm) and is active with many charitable and non-for-profit organizations.  To learn more visit StaceyHawkins.com.  Contact:  (800)524-0868