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Motivation on Monday- Set the tone for your Lean and Green week!

Ah, behold the power of Mondays. Let’s face it- when it comes to Mondays, most of us (myself included) are completely inconsistent and don’t think much about the power of potential on this day, especially with our Lean and Green lifestyle.  We either greet the day with excitement, determination and focus, or we drag our feet out of bed, begrudgingly, and head off to work without a plan, without purpose, and quite frankly, just happy that we were able to get vertical.  Sound familiar?

Get organized on Monday to have a great Lean and Green week

The truth is, the way we start our week is a pretty good indication as to how we are going to end our week.  As with anything, when you have a vision, a purpose, a plan, you’re much more likely to meet your goals with a sense of happiness, pride and accomplishment, rather than just being happy to have survived.  Once again… sound familiar?  Changing your Monday mantras into something powerful and purposeful is the difference between being good, and being great; it’s the difference between winning and losing, and most of all it’s the difference between skinny jeans and sweat pants!

The problem is that the thought of actually pulling off a plan and getting, ugh, ORGANIZED seems daunting.  I know, I’ve been there.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started off the week with half-hearted goals like “I’m going to stick to program this week” or “I’m going to lose 5 pounds” or “I’m going to exercise every day!”  I know you’ve been there too.  We’ve all said the words but not made the commitment or the plan to actually get it done.  In essence, we’ve made wishes.  And wishes, well, you know about them.  Without a plan, without action, they remain wishes until the day we die- unless we change.

Dream without a plan is a wish

This week I ask you to make a simple plan to get the things you wish for.  If you wish for a happy, healthy body, then start by planning to get dinner on the table every night (here’s a worksheet to help you.)  If you wish to stick on program this week but know you may have challenges, call your Health Coach when you’re stuck.  If you wish to try some new Lean & Green recipes this week and not be bored with your food, I’m here to help.  If you wish to exercise every day this week, then set a time, grab a friend and do it.  If you just want some extra motivation and encouragement- then hang out with us on Facebook and soak it all in.

The truth is, getting what you want, what you wish for does not have to be hard and Monday is the PERFECT day to make a plan, take action and get what you WANT!  You can make it happen.  Set an action plan and some goals for yourself and then take the tools available to you to get out there and rock it.  When Friday rolls around, you (and your Friday night date jeans) will be glad you did.  Start today.  After all, it’s Monday and there’s no better time to begin!

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