Decadently Dark Chocolate Mousse a lean and green recipe
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chocolate mousse- on program!

Decadently Dark Chocolate Mousse- a surprising Lean and Green Recipe

What?!? Deep, dark, rich, heavy smooth chocolate mousse?  A lean and green recipe? On program?  But how? The surprise is in the base- thick, rich and creamy ripe avocados that, when paired with dark chocolate and stevia take on a whole new world of flavor never before realized.  3 ounces of mousse (if you can eat it all it’s so rich!) contain just 2 healthy fats and one condiment- that’s it!  Indulge and delight this Valentine’s Day or any time you need a delicious recipe that will make you feel delighted and not deprived! You can watch a video of me making the mousse (as well as talking about healthy appetizers) right here:


2         ripe avocados

½ C      unsweetened, dark cocoa powder

1 T       vanilla*

¼ C      stevia powder

¼ C      unsweetened almond milk

pinch   salt

(can add a few drops of almond extract, raspberry extract or lemon as well for additional flavor)



Place all ingredients in a food processor and puree until smooth. Serve in a beautiful glass, chilled.

3 ounces of mousse (approx. 1/3 C) is 2 healthy fat and one condiment option.

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