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Frozen Grapefruit Granita low carb

Low Carb Frozen Pink Grapefruit Granita

Low carb frozen pink grapefruit granita!  What?  We all know grapefruit is PERFECT on a low carb diet.  When frozen and blended with just a little dash of creamy vanilla and cinnamon, the result is a frozen granita you will LOVE.  According to the Medifast(c) California website:


Having half a grapefruit with breakfast might sound like a dieting cliché, but that’s because it really does help. Not only is grapefruit high in fiber—1/2 a grapefruit contains 2 grams of fiber and only 52 calories—but they have also been shown to lower insulin levels. These lowered insulin levels increase the body’s ability to efficiently turn food into energy, ensuring less fat is stored. Grapefruit’s high water content also contributes to creating a “full” sensation – helping you to eat less!

While NOT approved on the 5 &1 Program with Medifast or Optavia (no fruit is) this magnificent and tasty easy summer recipe is wonderful on transition or with ANY other low carb program where fruit is permitted.  For recipe caloric breakdown, please see the end.

pink grapefruit frozen granita low carb


1 pink grapefruit, peeled and broken into sections

¼ – ½ C water

1/4 tsp vanilla

5 drops vanilla crème stevia or 1 packet stevia powder

pinch Stacey Hawkins Sinful Cinnamon Seasoning

Take ½ of your grapefruit segments and reserve for another use.  Of the segments remaining, place 1/2 of them in the freezer. Here’s a hint- this recipe is so good, freeze the other half of the grapefruit because you’ll want to make it again! Place the other segments in the fridge to keep chilled until you’re ready to use them.

Granita directions:

Place the frozen grapefruit and the fresh grapefruit in the blender with the vanilla  and stevia. Pour ¼ c of

Pink Grapefruit Frozen Granita Calories

Pink Grapefruit Frozen Granita Calories

the water into the blender, food processor or bullet, put the lid on and pulse, scraping the sides as you go. Add a few more drops of water if necessary until you get the right consistency.  Pour into a bowl or glass, sprinkle with a dusting of Sinful Cinnamon and enjoy!

(Hint: because this makes such a small amount, sometimes it all gets stuck in the bottom of the blender because you’re using such a little bit of water to get the right consistency. If you make a double batch and freeze ½, it can make your job a little easier. These make GREAT popsicles!!!)

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