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Better Meal


One-Day Flavor Fix

If you’re tired of walking into your closet and crying because nothing fits… or if you can’t stand the thought of facing yet another boring piece of chicken… perhaps you’re feeling frustrated and guilty because you find you have no time to even think about making dinner, let alone cooking it, or maybe you’re feeling all of the above: Bored, Fat and Frustrated. Suffer no more.

The 1-Day Flavor Fix gives you everything you need to make a better meal, instantly. Imagine saving time, money and frustration as you discover how to make delicious, easy home-made meals, most in 20 minutes or less! No more fast or prepared foods, no more guilt, no more bland flavor. No matter what your kitchen skills or what your dietary restrictions, Stacey has you covered.

The 1-Day Flavor Fix is full of delicious family-friendly meals that also conform with many of today’s popular diet programs including Take Shape For Life recipes, Medifast Lean and Green Recipes, Advocare 24 Day Challenge Recipes, 21 Day Fix recipes and Beachbody recipes, Weight Watchers Recipes and many more.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply want to make ridiculously delicious and easy meals, the 1 Day Flavor Fix program is everything you need to Make a Better Meal & Live a Better Life

Better Life


30 Days to a Life You’ll Love

Can’t seem to shake the weight? Beating yourself up for EVERYTHING and feeling frustrated? Suffer no more.

Imagine every morning, waking to find an empowering, inspirational and most of all, action-based email waiting for your eager eyes. You’ll move forward daily at your own pace and in your own time, you’ll begin explore a whole new world of possibilities and create a plan that will change your life, forever.

Allow me to lead you by the hand and teach you how to begin to transform your life from one that is unfulfilling, exhausting and stressful, to a life that is rich in personal satisfaction, happiness and love.

In this 30-day journey you will learn how to:
* Take care of yourself and your needs, without guilt or shame.
* Identify the real dreams and desires YOU truly want for your life.
* Reveal the stumbling blocks that are holding you back & how to overcome them.
* Create an incredible tool that will keep you on track and focused, no matter what.
* Develop a powerful action plan to get results in YOUR life, starting today.
* Take charge of your life without feeling like you’re sacrificing others in the process.
* Become a valuable part of a tribe that will encourage, support and care for you, forever.

This program is an online class and is completed in the privacy of your own home. Once a day for 30 days, you will receive a personalized, encouraging email from me with instructions for each day to be completed at your own pace and schedule.