Speaking - Stacey Hawkins
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Enquire about having Stacey Hawkins Speak at Your Next Event
Stacey speaks from the heart, captivating audiences while creating an empowering, positive and inspiring experience for all.  She custom tailors the presentation to serve the needs of clients and audience, and then delivers in a very personal, authentic and easy manner.  As a result, Stacey’s message resonates with audiences on a one-to-one level, inspiring them to strive for personal and professional best.  Stacey’s fun, girl-next-door demeanor combined with her light-hearted humor make her a sought after speaker for events time and again. Please click the button above to enquire about having Stacey speak at your event.


Overcoming Obstacles: How to be Happy Simply Being You

During this engaging presentation, Stacey shares simple steps to overcome even the toughest challenges based on principles from her book, Too Big for My Britches.  Touching on weight struggles, life stresses & the illusion of perfection, these principles guide you how to bring happiness & great rewards into every area of life, relationships & business, no matter how difficult.



15 Minutes a Day:  The Key to Life Balance and Fulfillment

Stacey shares her 15 Minutes to Fabulous program proven to clear the way to living more productive, happy and fulfilling life, whether you’re 25 or 100!



The Basic Principles of Light & Healthy Cooking

In this lively, humorous presentation, Stacey shares the basic principles for everyday individuals and families to make better meals and live better lives as a result.  This class, can be done in conjunction with a cooking demonstration (no kitchen necessary) delights & inspires audiences with easy-to-grasp knowledge that they can take home and use immediately.